Wigley: I Learned A Lot

Last updated : 21 February 2004 By Mad Reporter
"In the first half we were shocking and we could only get better after the break," Wigley said after the 3-3 draw.

"At least at half time there was a chance to compose myself and restore a bit of sanity.

"I did not even need to say much at the break because we all knew where we had been going wrong.

"Our headers were poor, so were our tackles and every time we passed the ball it seemed to go to an Everton player.

"It was a time to get back to honest hard work and to do the things which made us such a good team in the past.

"We were much better in the second half and at least our supporters had something to cheer. At half time I reckon many of them would have been happy to go home.

"In the second half we looked like a football team again and James Beattie was typical of the way we played.

"James made a huge difference after I had left him out of the starting line-up. I have learned this week that he is a top-class person, as well as a player.

"When I picked the team I kept Brett Ormerod and Kevin Phillips as our attackers and I felt they had deserved their chicane. Any other decision would have been disrespectful.

"I learned a lot today. When you are running the youth team you could hide behind the development tag, but here there is no place to hide.

"I accept that at half time the fans would have been glad if we had brought in a new manager there and then and I could not have disagreed.

"But I am not going to put in for the job no matter what happens in subsequent matches.

"I am in charge while the chairman and board of directors are interviewing and I hope they take their time and make the best decision in the interests of the club.

"They have not done badly over the last six or seven years in their choice of managers and whoever gets the job will inherit a wonderful position.

"The club has moved forward and we have a great stadium and some top class players so I hope we do not rush into anything."