Twitter explodes as Southampton lose 9-0 to Manchester United on Groundhog Day

Ladies and gentleman, it is literally Groundhog Day (check your calendar) and we have just witnessed Southampton lose 9-0 in a Premier League game. it is deja vu all over again...

This time, their tormentors were Manchester United and much like when Leicester subjected them to the same scoreline last season, social media greeted the news in typically understanding, respectful fashion.

Only joking.

It took seconds for the first jibes to appear as the internet's best and brightest lined up to take the mickey out of Ralph Hassenhuttl's side.

Before we dive into all of that carnage, how about a few stats as a light starter?

One of the very best reactions came from the: 'Has the 9-0 Been Mentioned' Twitter account, set up in protest of pundits constantly referencing that Leicester defeat whenever they cover a Southampton game.

Of course, they quickly changed the name to the brilliant: 'Have EITHER of the 9-0's Been Mentioned.'

Well, if you can't laugh at yourself...

Southampton's bitter rivals, Portsmouth, then got in on the act.

A few famous faced were involved as well...

Even on one of the most historic nights in Premier League history some people could not help but notice how Mike Dean had managed to steal the show, taking an age to review the incident that led to the penalty for United's eight goal.

Before we let Southampton fans begin their recoveries, we could not live with ourselves if we did not share some of these fire tweets with captured the mood of a momentous evening perfectly.

Or, more accurately, just made us laugh.

We will see you next time the Saints treat us a nine goal thriller.

Source : 90min