Test your Saints knowledge!

Last updated : 24 July 2004 By The Editor

Then why not prove it by trying out our compelling BEAT THE REF quiz.

A fun game designed to test the knowledge of the most ardent football fan - you can answer either 'home' questions, about your own team, or 'away' questions, which could be about any team from any league. 

The way you score is simple, for each correct answer selected you score 1 point for a home question and 3 points for an away question.

One wrong answer gets you a verbal warning, a second wrong answer means you are yellow carded, whilst a third wrong answer sees the ref send you from the field of play.

For those amongst you who take your fun seriously there is a hi-score league table published in conjunction with the game and so now its time for kick-off as the ref is about to blow his whistle.

So, if you know how many caps Peter Shilton won as an England player, which year Saints were formed or from which club we signed Mark Wright from...