Southampton Launch 2020/21 135-Year Anniversary Kits Alongside Addictive Mobile Game

Southampton are clearly a football club after our own hearts.

Not only have they dropped three stunning kits in one day, the Saints have also treated us an arcade mobile game that we can play while pretending to work. Very thoughtful - especially on hump day.

Southampton's 2020/2021 home shirt

Before we talk about Super Mario Lemina though (*this may not be the actual name of the game), let's take you through these stunning new shirts.

Each jersey has been crafted to mark Southampton's 135th anniversary and this retro feel is reflected by the sash incorporated in both the home and third kit designs. This featured on one of the Saints' earliest kits in 1885 and it's good to see it back.

Buy Southampton's new home and third kits on the club store now!

The home colour scheme is red with a white sash, completed with black shorts and socks, while the third kit included a red sash on a white shirt, finished with white shorts and socks. The goalkeeper kit is a sash-less but still striking all yellow affair.

Southampton's 2020/2021 Goalkeeper jersey

Enough about these shirts though...

We all know you're here for the video game and we're happy to inform you that it's an absolute cracker.

It's called Defying the Odds Since 1885 and in it you play the role of a plucky Southampton player who has to jump over various enemies in order to reach the end of the level. If you are successful, your lovable avatar is rewarded with one of the three new Saints kits.

Seems simple enough right?

The real charm of the game comes from the various Easter Eggs that developers UNIT9 have included.

Remember Ali Dia? The woeful striker who tricked Graeme Souness into thinking he was George Weah's cousin? Well, this famous phonecall features in one of the levels, while Saints legends Matt Le Tissier and Harry Redknapp leaning out the window of his Range Rover are also beatifully recreated in pixelated form.

One of the Easter Eggs in the game sees you avoiding Liverpool's bank manager

The enemies that you face during the game are equally hilarious. The Saints' bitter rivals Portsmouth feature prominently while you also have to avoid Liverpool's bank manager at one stage.

The game is available to download now and there's some great prizes on offer. One lucky person is going to scoop the ultimate football gaming bundle, featuring a PS4 or Xbox and FIFA 2020. Not that you'll be wanting to play it when Defying the Odds Since 1885 takes over your life.

Source : 90min