Rasiak and Skacel go as Saints give up on promotion

Last updated : 01 February 2008 By Chris C
There are some decisions that really leave you scratching your head in bewilderment and this is right up there.

Let's start with Rasiak. If a multi-million pound offer came in with a week to go with time to get in a replacement you could understand why the popular Pole would go.

To let him go on the last day of the transfer window and on loan is laughable. Let's forget the nonsense on the club site about the 'log-jam of strikers' which frankly insults the intelligence of supporters.

Saga has been a shadow of his former self, Wright-Phillips and John inconsistent and McGoldrick lacks experience having failed to shine on loan a league below, where he may be returning next season...

Rasiak has forced his way back into the line-up of late and is our most recognised source of goals. Goals win games and proven strikers are like gold dust and you'd expect one to go for an equivalent sum.

With a change in management Rasiak had every chance of being no.1 choice for the rest of the season and is more likely to be so in the Championship than in the Premiership where he looked out of his depth for Spurs.

And on to Skacel who finally showed some of the electrifying form we'd be hoping for in the last two games, first as sub and then one of his best 90 minutes against Norwich. He moves again on loan to Hertha Berlin.

We only have to hope that Saints have some kind of replacements lined up, but given the pitiful terms on which two star players leave, it is highly doubtful.

Perhaps the worst thing about this was the total lack of communication that this was coming. Crouch's statements about players only leaving if it wasn't going to harm the squad have been seriously undermined by today's business which suggests that the ousted Hone's comments about administration are much closer to the mark.

It's hardly a good sign for any new manager coming in and you can understand why the bigger names have melted away.

Yes, we all understand that times are hard and that Rasiak and Skacel are two of the highest earners, but after a brief resurgence of optimism with Burley going this is going to put us supporters right back down there.

Nice work Saints.