Pointing the way forward

Last updated : 31 October 2008 By Chris C
Let's be honest about it, the club is in a bad way. Record low attendances, massive financial problems, top players effectively given away, all on top of a side that can't score and can't defend. Oh dear.

So what positive aspects can we draw from this. First up, David McGoldrick finally got back on the scoresheet, scoring from open play for the first time since August.

A confidence player, he started the season well, but soon faded. Although it was far from the complete performance, he admitted afterwards that he had put in more effort than of late, thanks to the cajoling of another positive, Jason Euell.

Jason Euell endured a tough opening season with the club, but he found his form towards the end of the season when we needed it most and he added vital height and leadership to the young side against Coventry.

With Euell, Wotton, Skacel and Davis all on the field, Saints benefited from the added experience. Add a potential return by Michael Svensson and Chris Perry for Preston and Saints have a much more solid look to the side as well as vital leadership for the youngsters.

Unfortunately, three of that five are high wage earners at risk from Saints' financial problems, but Saints need to play them now more than ever to bed in the youngsters and allow them to develop their game.

The proof of bedding in youngsters can now be seen in Drew Surman who is starting to offer genuine leadership from central midfield now he has been freed from the shackles at left back.

There may not be much to enjoy at present, but it's great to watch a local boy coming through the ranks and steadily maturing on the pitch. His young colleagues unfortunately will have to mature much faster, but hopefully the lesson has now been firmly learned that they need old heads to help the process.

Maybe then we might just have seen the club bottom out.