Pearson's silence speaks volumes

Last updated : 06 May 2008 By Chris C
Like his famous Carlisle goalkeeper Jimmy Glass who scored in injury time to keep the club up, one of the heroes of a memorable week could be out of a job despite achieving what he was brought into the club to do - keep us up.

Lowe and Wilde are set to return to the club unless a seemingly unlikely investor can be plucked out of the air at the 11th hour. Their lack of public backing for the manager has been remarkable considering how key his role was to protecting their investment.

The only public comment we have had has been from Lowe denying rumours that Hoddle was set to return to the club, an ideal opportunity to express his support for the man in charge. The rumour mill has been going into overdrive that Lowe was less than impressed with the original decision.

Pearson was understandably uncomfortable when asked about his future at the post-match press conference.

"Listen, there are issues that need to be resolved, but I'm not in a position to share any of that information with you because there are lots of decisions to be made at a level at which I'm not involved."

Asked directly if he expected to be the manager next season he replied with a telling throwaway comment to finish: "I certainly hope so. Nicely nipped in the bud there!"

Crouch in his emotional interview with Radio Solent stated that if he remained Chairman Pearson would remain manager, a hint that he knew Pearson's position was under threat.

In a touching scene outside the ground after the game, Crouch joined supporters to sign autographs, shake as many hands as he could and say that he would be back whether Chairman or not to support our great club. A nice gesture from a genuine fan.