Have the new signings been worth it?

Last updated : 19 November 2008 By Chris C
A feature of Saints in the Championship has been the incredible turnover of players with around 100 players having featured for the club since relegation.

This season has been no different with Wotton, Pulis, Perry, Holmes, Forecast all coming in for virtually nothing, Scheiderlin it seems to sell on profitably and Pekhart, Cork, Robertson, Smith and Pearce in on loan.

Outside of those players released the club have lost key defender Andrew Davies and have sent experienced striking trio John, Saganowski and Rasiak out on loan. With the loss of that experience Saints have struggled to defend and have struggled to score.

The question is has it been worth it or is even one of the four more valuable than several loan signings?

In defence Saints have struggled all season. Injuries to Svensson, Perry and Thomas haven't helped, but Saints have gambled on a very youthful line-up in the one key area you need experience.

Poortvliet looks to have finally learnt his lesson by restoring Skacel to defence, opting for the relative experience of Cork over James and bringing in extra cover in Pearce, but persists with Lancashire when he may be better suited learning his trade on loan.

Davies can't form the defence on his own, but there is no doubt Saints have badly missed his leadership with Svensson a shadow of his former self.

However, with the player keen on a move back to the Premiership there is little Saints could have done to have kept him and as it turns out he has been injured all season saving them considerable wages.

Up front has been an equally big problem. Try as he might McGoldrick remains an inconsistent finisher and Robertson and Pekhart have not looked any kind of replacement for John, Rasiak or Saganowski.

Things haven't been helped by bringing in the ineffective Smith from Millwall's bench and by signing two injured and unproven midfielders in Pulis and Gasmi.

Where the club could do little about Davies leaving, they do have a much bigger influence over the futures of Rasiak, Saganowski and John. Even the combined wages of Smith, Pekhart, Robertson, Gasmi and Pulis may not quite add up to one of the trio's wages, but surely their value is there for all to see.

Goals will keep us up, goals will help us win and wins will help get the crowds back. Letting all three go, could prove the most expensive mistake of all.