Extended player ratings: Saints 2 Bury 0

Last updated : 27 January 2008 By Saint Bobby

Kelvin Davis - 7: Did what he needed to do competently. A couple of good saves and much improved at getting off his line fast when called upon.

Gregory Vignal - 5.5: One vaguely good, but off-target, shot on the stroke of half-time. Showed little appetite to play the ball on the ground and it often looked more likely that he and Surman would run into each other rather than genuinely open up play down the left wing. A competent performance, but a deeply unimaginative one.

Andrew Davies - 6: A perfectly competent forty five minutes. Shows good composure and surprising strength for a relatively slight centre back. Now easily Saints' best defender and a crucial part of any promotion bid, should we ever get round to launching one.

Wayne Thomas - 5.5: Not a right-back in any manner, size, shape or form. But did okay in the centre and worked well with Euell when Powell was carted off.

Darren Powell - 6: Inelegant but pretty effective. Only real concern must be his unerring tendency to spend his life in the treatment room.

Jermaine Wright - 6: Okay in midfield in a holding and linking role, but not a patch on Safri. We need Morocco to get knocked out of the African Nations Cup as soon as possible. Far better than Thomas as a fullback, but still hope Ostlund is fit for the role on Tuesday.

Jason Euell - 6: Not as laughable in midfield as he has been in recent weeks, but still seems a pale shadow of his former self. Clearly not wholly at ease as a centre-back, but carried out the task dilligently.

Adam Hammill - 7: Lively but aimless. Ran down some blind alleys in the manner of Fabrice Fernandes. Nevertheless, looks fit and potentially menacing.

Drew Surman - 7.5: Remarkable owing to the flatness of the surrounding landscape. Showed ambition and drive. Always looked the likeliest provider of a Saints goal. Possibly has the raw talent to emerge as a really excellent player. Look forward to watching him in an England U21 shirt next month.

Rasiak - 6.5: Scored a goal that was scrappy even by his own rich standards of scrapiness. Somehow feel he could be a 30 goal a season striker if only he could be bothered. Good on the ball but still shows a frustrating inability to get airborne.

Wright-Phillips - 6: A few really nice touches but doesn't seem dangerous enough in the box. May actually emerge as a winger rather than an out-and-out centre forward.

Idiakez (on for Davies, 45mins) - 6: Possibly our most naturally gifted creative player, but is not as good as he was. And is nowhere near as good as he thinks he is. I kept waiting for him to put in a killer pass. It never happened.

Skacel (on for Powell, 64 mins) - 7: Can someone - anyone - explain to me why he isn't automatically in our starting XI? Strong, focused and a real threat down the left flank. Can our next manager make sure he is not wasted in the reserves or as a bench warmer?

John (on for Hammill, 76 mins) - 5.5: Didn't really have enough time to get involved in the game. Credit for getting us the penalty kick. Not a natural pairing with Rasiak - we have to play one or the other.

Dodd/Gorman - 6: Hard to give any serious assessment of the caretaker team, but on this showing, I hope the board don't dither too long before finding a long-term solution. Today's match has done nothing to attract me to the idea that Dodd and Gorman should see out the rest of the season.