EGM called but unlikely to take place

Last updated : 21 April 2008 By Chris C
Today was the last day that the board could have called the EGM following the unlikely alliance of Lowe and Wilde's request to do so. The club website also released a statement indicating that a compromise may be reached to avoid the expense of an EGM with the board stepping down at the end of the season.

The focus can then be on what it should have been all along, the football and the small matter of trying to salvage something from this disastrous season and stay up.

Pearson knew he was taking on a tough job coming to Saints, but even he must be surprised and what he has had to deal with off the pitch. Indeed at a time when he needs to be 100% focused on the job, he must be wondering what the future holds for him, a hugely unfair state of affairs for a man who has given his all for the cause.

Needless to say uncertainty off the pitch gets reflected on it and the latest reshuffle is hardly ideal timing.

For all the positives of having a genuine fan as Chairman of the Board, the incumbents may well be remembered for two key decisions.

Firstly, letting Rasiak go may have made short term financial sense but as we saw against Burnley a quality striker is often the difference with Stern John having to shoulder far too much responsibility. The ridiculous comment about the 'logjam of strikers' may well return to haunt them.

Second, was the dithering over replacing Dodd and Gorman which allowed Saints to drift ever further down the table until it was possibly too late leaving Pearson with a mountain to climb to turn things around.

No doubt there were strong reasons for doing so. Financial issues made the Rasiak offer seemingly too good to turn down and uncertainity over our potential investors meant they may have wanted their own manager in charge in the seemingly unlikely event they did materialise.

As it is though those two decisions could be the ones that send us down. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but fans were angry at the time and they have a right to remain so.