Dyer Repercussions

Last updated : 14 May 2002 By Christian Kelly
The dire Dyer tackle looks as though it's set to run and run, unlike Kieron himself at the moment. With his client unable to make headlines through playing this summer, his agent intends to keep Kieron in the news by virtue of whining.

Dyer's agent probably got the idea from Alan Shearer, a professional moaner, who said: 'It was a bad challenge, out of order and there was no need for it on the last day of the season.' Obviously Alan believes that the last day of the season should be reserved for it's-a-knockout type games and fun between the players. 

While the tackle was indeed late and clumsy, it is no worse than numerous others of the same type and more importantly are part and parcel of the game. Had Dyer gone on to score, the question of "why didn't you stop him" would have been levelled at Tahar.  There's no room for niceties on the park and I'm glad that Tahar is committed in his defending. Such a challenge, while a bit cynical, would have received a yellow card in every other instance. 

While no one would wish an injury on any player, certainly not Tahar judging by his reaction, such a response from Dyer's camp is completely ludicrous. His agent said, "You hear so much from Southampton chairman Rupert Lowe about the integrity of the game, so I hope he does something about his player,"

If the club are to take action against Tahar, it should be training on preventing Dyer to go past him in the first place. Tahar did his job, but the sending off could have cost the team some points.
Despite sensationalist headlines, Gordon Strachan seemed more bothered about the fact we were down to ten men than anything malicious in the tackle itself. Strachan said:  "He deserved to go, I have no defence for him. I hope Kieron Dyer is going to be OK for the World Cup. I am not condoning what he did. On the contrary. I will sit down with Tahar and talk about it but if anything is done it will be kept in-house.''

"We played some good stuff in the first half and deserved to be in the lead. Our backs were to the wall after we had a player sent off but we battled well. 

Dyer was understandable miffed at the though of missing the World Cup, saying:  "Let's just say I am not too happy. He was totally out of order. The ball had gone and he had no intention or chance of playing it. I just don't know how somebody could do that to a fellow professional."

 "I have not given up hope. At this moment in time we do not really know the full diagnosis and extent of my knee injury. I have got to stay positive but, if you were to ask if I am a bit low at the moment, that would be an understatement."

"I cannot believe I have got another injury after all the problems I have had, but this is the story of my life at the moment." 

However, his unlike Kieron, his agent wasn't so interested in missing the biggest football tournament in the world as the financial implications. If we needed any further proof of where Mr. Bennett's loyalties lie then the quote: "A successful World Cup might have inspired a big bid from a top foreign club." show exactly how committed he is in ensuring Dyer's future at Newcastle.

Of course we could forgive Mr. Bennett this lack of tact as he is also a trained surgeon as was revealed at the weekend when he was telling everyone that the injury wasn't bad etc., and would in no way reduce the value of his client, and that his client would make the world cup for a big transfer pay off.

All this, without the injury being scanned, what a medical marvel this man is. Bennett said: "He said it's a little bit better than yesterday, he's going to have some intensive training and put his whole heart and soul into it, and if anybody can do it, he can,"

As he took off his surgical scrubs, Benett added:  "We have considered legal action, certainly against the player and possibly his club.

"We would like to take some action, but we shall have to be advised by the lawyers on how to quantify the damage.

"There is no doubt a player of Kieron's standing would lose out on sponsorship endorsements that might not be realised for another four years.

The last word here will go to Tahar, who explains his actions and apologises to Dyer for the consequences. Tahar said:

"I am so sorry for what happened. I never meant to hurt him. I went for the ball, but it was a bad tackle and I was late because he was too quick for me.

"I'm very sad for Kieron. Maybe I will visit him in Newcastle to say that I am sorry. I wanted to speak to him after the match to see how he was, but he went to the hospital. When I found out he would miss the World Cup I was sad. I played in the 1994 and 1998 World Cups and I know it is every player's dream.

"Maybe you get just one chance in your life to represent your country on that stage, and I hope this does not end for him.

"England will miss him. He is a very good player, very fast, and I know he would have helped England in the World Cup.

"Never in my life have I tackled a player who has been injured like this so I am upset."