Dire Dyer keeps moaning

Last updated : 20 May 2002 By Christian Kelly
Oh dear, it would seem like cry baby Kieron Dyer just can't act like a grown up about the knock he suffered at the hands, or rather feet, of Tahar El-Khalej. At the time of the incident I thought it was a late clumsy challenge which should have been a definite yellow card, but falling short of a red. Dyer's injury was a very unfortunate result of the challenge, but that doesn't mean that Tahar should be further penalised. Having been subjected to numerous sensationalist rubbish form the hacks, ludicrous nonsense form Dyer's agent and equally stupid e-mails from Dyer's supporter's, I'm a little tired of the whole thing.

Now that Dyer looks as though he's going to make the World Cup after all, does he act maturely and put the incident behind him. No, he acts just as I'd expect. A big child who can't take any kind of punishment without having a big cry about it first.

Dyer said: "You can deal with it being the last game of the season when you are running down the line and your hamstring suddenly goes," he said. "That's bad luck and part and parcel of football.

"But when you are crudely taken out the way I was in what was really a nothing game, then it is really hard to swallow.

"I was extremely angry because I thought the ball was long gone and he only had one intention - to bring me down.

"Will I forgive him?
 If I make the World Cup finals then yes, I will.

"Will I take legal action?
 I haven't decided and I am keeping my options open at the moment."

Do I care?
Not in the slightest.