Delgado on language problems

Last updated : 22 January 2002 By Christian Kelly
Agustin's lack of English skills are preventing him from being in the first team at the moment. Strachan said:

"We wanted to do specific things with the way the strikers were to play at Anfield, but we couldn't get through to him. So if he can't understand a word I am saying, it is unfair on him and on my team to put him out there.

"So Kevin, who comes from Yorkshire and who has got a decent understanding of English, was picked instead."

Delgado said (presumably through an interpreter): "Not speaking English has been uncomfortable, but I am trying to learn the language as quickly as possible. I have classes four times a week.

"I had some English classes in Mexico when I was playing there, but I just learned some of the basics.

"I enjoy learning, and when you've got the desire to do it, then you will succeed."