Saints Abroad

Last updated : 13 August 2005 By Christian Kelly

Remember the days at season's end when the promise of European football beckoned for the following year ?
No ? That's okay I can barely recall it either.

So before my memory fades entirely here are the details of those memorable and occasionally embarrassing nights for Saints Abroad !


15/9/711st Round 1st LegAtletico BilbaoDell2-1Channon, Jenkins21 600
29/9/711st Round 2nd LegAtletico Bilbao0-245 000
16/9/811st Round 1st LegLimerick United3-0Moran 2, Armstrong10 000
29/9/811st Round 2nd LegLimerick UnitedDell1-1Keegan12 841
21/10/812nd Round 1st LegSporting LisbonDell2-4Keegan (pen), Channon18 573
4/11/812nd Round 2nd LegSporting Lisbon0-050 000
15/9/821st Round 1st LegNorrkoepingDell2-2Williams, Wright10 155
29/9/821st Round 2nd LegNorrkoeping0-010 252
19/9/841st Round 1st LegHamburgDell0-019 178
3/10/841st Round 2nd LegHamburg0-227 000
24/9/031st Round 1st LegSteaua BucurestiSt Mary's1-1Phillips30 557
15/10/031st Round 2nd LegSteaua BucurestiGhencea Stadium0-128 000

Cup Winners Cup

15/9/761st Round 1st LegMarseilleDell4-0Waldron, Channon, Osgood,
19 150
29/9/761st Round 2nd LegMarseille1-2Peach25 000
20/10/762nd Round 1st LegCarrick Rangers5-2Stokes, Channon 2,
McCalliog, Waldron
8 000
3/11/762nd Round 2nd LegCarrick RangersDell4-1Williams, Hayes 2 , Stokes15 130
2/3/77Quarter Final 1st legAnderlecht0-233 500
16/3/77Quarter Final 2nd legAnderlechtDell2-1Peach (pen) McDougall24 337