Saints Servants

Last updated : 22 January 2002 By Christian Kelly

This page pays tribute to all those players who have remained at the club for considerable periods of time. These stalwarts are greatly responsible for making the club the success it is today. The table gives them in no. of appearance order and includes only
those Southampton players who have played since Saints' inclusion into the football league in 1920.

Players who are currently at the club will be added shortly.

NameTenure at

Total apps /goals

1Terry Paine56-74808/185 (713 league)
2Mike Channon65-77 / 79-82596/223 (511 league)
3Nick Holmes73-87539/64 (444 league)
4Tommy Traynor52-66480/8
5Bert Shelley19-32448/9

inc 18/1 in southern league
6Eric Day46-57422/156
7Arthur Dominy12-26369

inc.112 in southern league
8John Sydenham56-70399/39 (243 league)
9Stanley Woodhouse24-36366/15
10Bill Rawlings19-28364/193

inc 33/19 in southern league
11Hugh Fisher66-77354/11 (302 league)
12Steve Williams75-85349/48 (278 league)
13Tommy Mulgrew54-62325/100
14Tommy Allen20-28323/0
15Arthur Bradford23-36319/7
16Cliff Huxford59-66316/4 (278 league)
17Danny Wallace80-90310/74
18Derek Reeves54-63304/168
19David Armstrong81-87289/80
20Eric Martin66-75288/0
21Ron Davies66-73281/153
22Michael Keeping24-33281/12
23George O'Brien59-66277/178
24Tom Parker19-26275/12

inc 40/4 in southern league.
25Len Wilkins48-58274/3
26David Peach73-80271/44
27Chris Nicholl77-83268/9
28Denis Hollywood62-72267/4
29Jimmy Case84-91265/13
30Tony Knapp61-67260/2
31Bobby Stokes68-77256/54
32Glenn Cockerill85-256/33
33Bryn Ellio41-58251/2
34Bill Ellerington46-56239/11
35Peter Shilton82-87237/0
36John Hoskins52-59235/67
37George Harkus23-30 / 31-32235/5
38Alan Ball76-83234/18
39Bert Scriven30-37233/0
40David Walker65-74231/1
41Steve Moran79-86225/98
42Jimmy Gabriel67-72224/27
43Joe Mallett46-53223/3
44Bill Luckett27-37219/10
45Malcolm Waldron74-83216/11
46Mark Wright81-87216/11
47Ted Bates37-53216/65
48Arthur Holt32-39214/47
49John Page52-61209/26
50John Christie50-59209/0
51William Adams27-36205/3
52Alistair Campbell08-09 / 19-26199/15

inc. 19/2 in southern league
53Ivan Golac78-82 / 83-86196/4
54John McGrath67-74195/2
55Jim Steele71-77193/2
56Joe Kirkup67-74193/4
57Martin Chivers62-68189/107
58Johnny Walker52-58186/52
59Bill Turner19-24186/1

inc 17/0 in southern league
60Ron Davies57-64185/0
61Ted Hough21-31184/0
62Charlie Sillett31-38183/10
63George Curtis47-51183/12