Saints Strikers

Last updated : 25 July 2006 By Christian Kelly

This page covers all of the great strikers Southampton fans have had the privilege of watching down the years. The table below gives a list of the top saints strikers ordered by their league strike rate. It covers all Southampton's players since their inclusion into the football league in 1920.Once and for all, the question of who was the most consistent Saints striker can be answered. Unless you want to bring divisions,
standard of defence, tactical alterations, rule changes etc etc into it of course.

NameTenure at
apps /goals
Rate (Goals every 'x' games)
Charlie Wyman47-54107/771.34
Douglas McGibbon38-4713/91.44
Willie Haines28-3270/471.49
Ted Drake31-3471/471.51
George O'Brien59-66244/1541.58
Arthur Haddleton30-3217/101.70
Martin Chivers62-68174/871.74
Benny Gaughran37-387/41.75
Charles Liversly58-5925/141.76
Eddie Brown50-5257/321.78
Ron Davies240/1341.79
Alf Wheeler34-3511/61.83
Kevin Keegan68/371.84
Derek Reeves54-63273/1451.883
Bill Rawlings19-28294/1961.885
Jimmy Shields56-5938/201.9
Harold Pearson8/42
Tommy Taylor8/42
Bill Charlton31-322/12
Stueat McManus2/12
Douglas Rowe2/12
Dick Rowley26-302
George Williams2/12
Les Harfield70-712/12
Ted McDougall2.05
Frank Dudley67/322.09
John Bradley46-4849/222.23
George Kirby62-6463/282.25
Harry Osman37-3970/312.26
Colin Clarke82/362.28
Steve Moran180/782.30
John Arnold28-33106/462.39
James Bullock24-2833/132.54
James Dunne36-3736/142.57
Vic Watson35-3636/142.57
Fred Briggs38-3936/142.57
Walter Judd50-5334/132.61
Norman Cole33-352.61
Billy Boyd36-3819/72.70
Eric Day46-57348/1452.74
Mike Channon69-77 79-82510/1852.76
David Burnside62-6561/222.77
Phil Boyer77-81138/492.80

In my opinion a great leveller is to select players who are playing in the top division three domestic game has to offer. There they must
compete against the best in the country and there is no question of the striker being a big fish in a little pond. As far as Southampton are concerned this will be the periods between 66 and 74 and 78 onwards. Removing Chivers, who scored
many of his goals in a lower league , that leaves us with Ron Davies as the winner!

Ron Davies 1.79

Kevin Keegan 1.83

Colin Clarke 2.28

Steve Moran 2.30

Phil Boyer 2.80

In terms of just the number of goals the top ten would look like this:-

1. Bill Rawlings

2. Mick Channon

3. Terry Paine

4. Matt Le Tissier

5. George O'Brien

6. Eric Day

7. Derek Reeves

8. Ron Davies

9. Martin Chivers

10. Steve Moran