Extended player ratings: Saints 0 Plymouth 2

Last updated : 21 February 2008 By Saint Bobby
Kelvin Davis - 6: Truly bizarre misjudgement for the second killer goal, but otherwise lithe, confident and capable.

Wayne Thomas - 6: Failed to pose any threat as a right-back, but was solid - albeit unimaginative - in the centre of defence.

Andrew Davies - 9: Man of the match by a mile and a half. Also perhaps his best display in a Saints shirt. Never stopped running, tackled superbly and showed get spring to win almost every header. I'm starting to think he looks so amazingly good owing to the paucity of his teammates but he is, without doubt, a remarkably good defender. Oozed quality from start to finish. Was given the skipper's armband after Powell's departure. Should start with it on Saturday.

Darren Powell - 5 (substituted for Viafara, 21 mins): Wasn't on the pitch long enough to make a proper assessment, but the continual injuries and niggles must surely raise questions as to whether he is likely to be a first team player for much longer.

Gregory Vignal - 6: Began the game looking like a possible match-winner and seems a good choice for taking corners and free kicks, but faded from view just when he needed him the most, once Argylle had notched up their lead.

Jermaine Wright - 5: Rather unfairly targeted by the boo-boys for his own goal at Rovers. Did a reasonable job in midfield and in defence - but does sometimes look dangerously exposed at right-back.

Jason Euell - 3: Even if there are footballing reasons for him being in the starting XI (and I can't think of any), his position is rapidly becoming untenable owing to the extreme and vocal hostility of the Saints fans. Just occasionally shows glimpses of a man who was once good enough to play in the Premiership, but so often looks lazy, careless and disinterested. If he does play at Scunny, he will need to score a hat-trick within ten minutes to get the fans on side.

Drew Surman - 5: A very poor game by his standards. Occasionally ran at the Argyle defence, but never looked dangerous and - unusually for him - was sometimes sloppy.

Jhon Viafara (on for Powell, 23 minutes) - 5: Seems unfit and at least a yard off the pace. The memory of his blistering run and shot to put us ahead against Derby last May has faded. One of several players who has the capacity to show leadership and determination on the pitch, but needs to do so fast if we are to stay up.

Adam Hammill (on for Wright-Phillips, half time) - 5: Gives a good account of himself in terms of work rate, but his crossing was poor and he can't beat defensive players for pace. Probably needs the rest of the team playing well to be functioning at his best.

Indigo Idiakez (on for Euell, 77 minutes) - 5: His desire to get involved in the game led to poor positional play. Too often he drifted into playing a holding midfield role. Understandably, perhaps, seems to lack any confidence in his teammates.

Marek Saganowski - 4: A truly anonymous performance. Was one of fourteen Saints players who never looked like scoring - but he is supposed to be a centre-forward with pretensions to play internationally. Not good enough.

Bradley Wright-Phillips - 4: Another lame performance. Doesn't run at players as he should and appears disinterested. A period in the reserves is needed.

Stern John - 6: Unimpressive, but had an impossible task. Often wins and holds up the ball with his back to goal, but hardly ever received the ball in a genuinely threatening position. His shoulders dropped by the time we were 2-0 down.

Nigel Pearson - 6: I'm happy with the appointment. Unhappy with this performance. But think it's too early to tell. However, if this is a man with a "winning mentality" as we're told, we need to see it. And fast.