Sunday Rumour Mill: Summer round up

Last updated : 12 May 2002 By Christian Kelly
With the season just over, expect to see the start of a mass of rumours and speculation. With so many players looking for clubs this summer in addition to the World Cup finals, expect quite a deluge of pointless media generated gossip and "news" created by the agents.

So, who are the likely candidates for Saints ? I'm glad you asked, because I have this handy list of recent transfer links.

Goalkeeper -(we have Jones, Moss, Bevan, Blayney )
Linked with Marcus Hedman (Coventry) Stipe Pletikosa (Hadjuk Split), Alan Combe (Dundee United)
Defence Right - (we have Dodd, Bleidelis, Baird)
Linked with: Nobody at all.
Defence Left - (we have Bridge, Benali)
Linked with: Matt Taylor (Luton)
Defence Centre-(we have Williams, Lundekvam, El-Khalej, Monk)
Linked with: Graeme Lee (Hartlepool), Matt Elliot (Leicester)
Midfield Centre - (we have Oakley, Svensson, Delap, Draper, Marsden)
Linked with: Pep Guardiola (Brescia), Le Tie (China)
Midfield Right(we have Telfer, Tessem)
Linked with: Nobody at all.
Midfield Left -(we have Fernandes)
Linked with Lee Hendrie (Aston Villa), David Thompson (Coventry), Neil McCann (Rangers)
Striker - (we have Pahars, Beattie, Davies, Ormerod, Delgado, McDonald, Rodrigues)
Linked with: Clinton Morrison (Palace), Robbie Keane(Leeds), Marcus Allback (Hereenven)

Of the above only Taylor and Lee fall into Strachan's "one for the future squad player" approach. We need a new keeper and Hedman would be pretty decent. Le Tie would be picked up to forge links with China if nothing else. David Thompson would just be a good addition to the team as would Guardiola, if we could get him.

Saints are notorious for keeping transfer dealings close to their chests, so the above are only media links and are unlikely to have come form anywhere near the club. As a result expect to see an entirely different set of players joining in the summer.