Rumour Round Up - taylor, Carew, Delap, Morris and Goldbaek

Last updated : 09 January 2002 By Christian Kelly
Well, last year's A-level passes in English, sorry journalists, are certainly keeping their new year's resolution of only reporting fully researched stories with integrity. Oh sorry, slipped into another world for a moment there. Here's the latest scurrilous rumours from the hacks.

Delap for Coventry
Rory has just impressed for Saints in recent appearances although he did fall out of first team favour briefly. That added to Jim Smith's arrival at Coventry was reason enough for a rumour.
Rupert Lowe leapt into his PR role saying: "The speculation linking Delap with Coventry is complete and utter rubbish. Someone has looked at Jim Smith's arrival and put two and two together and got it wrong.

"Gordon Strachan is delighted with Rory at the moment. The Leeds boys were very impressed with him after they played us and anyone who has seen him in action recently could not consider moving him on."

Taylor for Saints
That's Matthew Taylor, a left back for Luton. This has been appearing for a week or so, based on another rumour that Wayne(I'm a local lad with a new contract) Bridge is on his way. What's sadder than a rubbish rumour based entirely on another rubbish rumour. Reporting on it perhaps:-)
Anyway Rupert dismissed it as "rubbish".

Bjarne Goldbaek for Saints
Goldbaek's currently at Fulham and was previously at Chelsea. He's not bad actually and Saints could use a little bit of cover at right back. There's about a dozen other players that we've have to unload first of all before we sign him though.
Rupert said that " there is no truth in the stories linking us with moves for Bjarne Goldbaek at Fulham or Jody Morris at Chelsea."

Which rather preempts...

Jody Morris for Saints !
Chelsea's little hellraiser, despite not being anywhere near as good as the midfielders we already have and having a rather public private life which noone would condone is still worth a whopping five million.

Finally, the coup de grace of..

John Carew for Saints.
Despite having signed for Fulham it was still being reported that Saints were about to make a last minute bid. If you read the other articles today, you would see that that last thing we need is another striker. The Valencia player who has fallen out of favour will be looking to kick start Fulham's rather lack lustre goal scoring return. I could have just told them to drop Boa Morte if they wanted some decent finishing.