Rumour Mill Roundup - Davies and Taylor

Last updated : 17 January 2002 By Christian Kelly
Taylor for Saints.
The rumour surrounding Matthew Taylor is still bumbling along. Luton boss, Joe Kinnear has said that he doesn't have to sell Taylor, although I suspect that the player would move if a substantial offer came along. Kinnear said: "There is no pressure to sell at all. I am only looking to add to the squad. I still have my budget left to buy players and the first opportunity I get to bring in the right players I will use it."

Of course Kinnear is no longer sure that Taylor wants to stay. "I live in hope he will be with us next season but I can only keep asking him to sign for so long," said the former Wimbledon boss.

"You get to a point where it's ludicrous not to take the money for a player who won't give you an answer.

"If he decides not to sign I hope it will go to a tribunal and we'll get what we want for him."

Davies for the Blades
Kevin Davies has been linked with a move to either Burnley or his favourite club, Sheffield United. The United manager said: "Kevin would love the chance to play for his favourite club. I believe and I am sure he would be a big success. The fans would love him because he is one of them."