Rumour Mill Overdrive - Holland, Wilnes, Svensson, Kilbane & Mijatovic

Last updated : 24 May 2002 By Christian Kelly
We've been linked along with a few other Premiership clubs, Man City who are linked with everyone being one of them, for Sunderland's left winger Kevin Kilbane. I thought we should have went in for Kilbane back when he was with West Brom and bemoaned the fact that we didn't go near him. Now we have Fabrice Fernandes, Chris Marsden and potentially Brian Howard to fill that role. Bringing in Kilbane would be suggesting that Fernandes is complete pants after just buying him. Kilbane is apparently available for £3.5 - 4 million.

I can't imagine how Sunderland fans will react to seeing the sale of one of their better players. They're the third biggest club in the land they'd have you believe and Peter Reid should be taking them into the Champions league. Yawn.

So while I'd have liked to have seen Kilbane at the club I think that this one's a non starter.

The rumours surrounding our supposed move for Swedish international Michael Svensson have moved up a few levels as all the lazy journalists pick up the story to fill their pages. It doesn't mean there's any more truth in it than there was yesterday. Oh, a fee of £1.7 has been drawn out of a hat by the hacks for Svensson's signature.

We've also been linked with Matt Holland and Fabian Wilnes. As I've said, Holland would be great but it would mean that Saints would have to part with some cash, so there's little chance of it becoming a reality.

On a more positive note, we haven't been linked with Stephen Clemence for a couple of days or Michael Duberry so let's hope that the trend continues.