Rumour Mill - Svensson & Mijatovic

Last updated : 23 May 2002 By Christian Kelly
Sweden's Expressen has linked us with another World Cup Swede, and his name's Svensson too. Enter Michael Svensson who currently has 3 years left with Troyes but has said: "I would be very interested in a move to the Premier League." Michael is 26 and would be available for 2.7 million of those Euro thingys.

You can watch the central defender in Sweden's Word Cup matches and decide his worth for yourself.

Predrag Mijatovic was once a top striker with Real Madrid. A few years on and he's with Fiorentina. The 33 year old, like any normal attacker, wants as far away from the Italian league as possible and it's rumoured that Saints have offered him a two year deal.

They both sounnd like decent enough buys to me and a lot better than a number of recent rumours.