With the close of the transfer window, the Rumour Mill thought the fun was over until January. However, with the rest of the division loaning players like it is going out of fashion, Harry Redknapp has revealed that he is looking to bring in one or two of his own.

Keen to show off the talent for wheeling and dealing that has plucked the likes of Belmadi, Hajto, Kosowski and, er, forgotten man Tejera out of the hat, Harry has decided to start his own transfer window. He has announced that during the two week international break he will be looking to bring in at least one player in on loan to help address Saints’ lack of firepower.

Alin Stoica
With the overwhelming need for a proven goalscorer, Harry has revealed that we are trialing… another midfielder. Stoica, a Romanian international, is something of an enigma with descriptions varying from the new Hadji to a difficult character. He was released from Brugge as long ago as last December and is a free agent after several unsuccessful trials, including one at Derby. This has all the makings of another gamble, but it is not clear whether he will prove a Belmadi or a more anonymous Tejera.
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