The Lowe Down on transfer windows

Last updated : 23 May 2002 By Christian Kelly
While FIFA and UEFA, and undoubtedly G14, seem keen to impose a transfer window it will have knock on effects to many clubs. While for G14 it prevents them being involved in massive bidding wars all season long it prevents other temas maximising the profitability of their playing staff, prevents them recruiting in the case of injury problems and in what has to be a restriction in trade, prevents players form maximising their potential earnings and career prospects.

Strangely, though the Premier league chairmen voted 14-6 in favour of introducing such a window which could be in place as soon as next season, restricting transfers to January and the summer months.

It's nice to know that our Chiarman, Rupert Lowe, was one of the six against such a move. Lowe said: "I felt there was no need to anticipate what might happen and that we should submit our rules and if they were rejected then we would have to comply."

Lowe was also beaten in a vote to allow one player per club to be allowed in on loan from another Premiership club in a season.

Lowe missed out on replacing Doug Ellis as one of four representatives to the FA by a single vote. Lowe said: "It was disappointing but to get so close shows that the status of the club has clearly risen and that we have come a long way.

"I was not standing on a platform solely to look after the smaller clubs as we now have a ground which suggests we should be mid-table.

"That is not to say we take our top flight place for granted but we felt we are nicely placed to represent big and small clubs with a foot in both camps. We are now 11th in the table of attendances.

"It was disappointing to miss out but we respect the fact that the majority wanted to keep the status quo."

Still, new ideas are necessary if the game is to move forward. More forward thinking form the man who brought you St. Mary's soon.