So, who am I anyway ?

Last updated : 09 April 2002 By Christian Kelly
I've been a Southampton fan since the late '70s, just a few years after the FA Cup victory launched the club into it's golden era.

It's now over 20 years later and , to some extent, the club is still in that age as a well established, if not particularly successful Premiership side.

Southampton have finally addressed their underdog status in the league with a move to the fantastic new St. Mary's stadium.

Once we start making a dent in the loans taken out to bulid the thing, the increased revenue of it's gates wil start to influence the type of player we can attract to the club.

So, assuming we can stay up, and keep a manager for more than twelve months, the future of the club is on a secure footing which is more than can be said for many other sides.

As for this site, it came into being way back in 1996. Back then, there were only a few sites on the club; Dave Currie ran the official one, Andy Mintram had Marching In and Rich Harper had his Bogus Saints Pages.

The information I found myself looking for simply didn't seem to be available and so I started to put it together into my own site.

On The Cross with the Saints was shortened to On The Cross and it's goal was to provide as much information on all areas of the club as possible, with a focus on the club's history.

Three years and five redesigns later and the site was making good progress along those lines. However, with thousands of pages and another redesign required On The Cross was becoming too time consuming. So when FootyMad came in to relive me of a lot of the design, I jumped at the chance.

The result is a far more focused look at the club with the more comprehensive statistics and information than you will find anywhere else.

Over the next year I will be moving the rest of the On The Cross site across to this new format. In addition I now have plenty of time to focus on the content I enjoy most. This year will see a vast expansion of the player information with profiles for all players to have been at the club since our promotion.

The stats available form FootyMad will make these profiles the best available and I am already making good progress in this area.